Bicycle Parking Design Guide

for architects, developers, building cooperatives, municipalities and anyone interested in quality bicycle parking.

German version

ARGUS studio/ is an independent department of ARGUS Stadt und Verkehr, a well-established transport planning company from Hamburg, Germany, that has been successfully carrying out transport and urban planning projects since 1983. 

We are part of the mobility revolution – our goal is to find appropriate and innovative solutions for sustainable mobility. We combine many years of know-how in traffic planning and consulting with the experience of managing municipal traffic departments. We have practical knowledge from founding and running start-ups in the field of mobility services to research and teaching at universities. 

We are united by our fascination for the mobility revolution and the design of livable urban spaces. To this end, we accompany transport transformation projects from conception to implementation and take on complex, cooperative planning processes with clients, other planners and citizens.

Everything we do at Ector Hoogstad Architects is driven by our desire for progress. The firm’s roots go all the way back to the post-war reconstruction of Rotterdam, and the spirit of that period shaped our no-nonsense approach to work and our preference for rational, practical solutions. Just as it did our love for the poetry of clarity, space, transparency and beautiful materials. It also led us to be optimists with a firm belief in progress, and this we shall forever remain.

It is through the above lens that we observe the challenges facing the world today. How do we limit climate change and learn to live with its already unavoidable consequences? What does the circular economy mean for our future daily lives? The development and sharing of knowledge is essential to our collective efforts to answer these pressing questions, for knowledge is the key to progress.

Interdisciplinary work and networked thinking are essential for developing and implementing innovative solutions to the challenges of tomorrow’s cities. The provision of an attractive infrastructure for the means of transport of the environmental alliance (buses, trains and active mobility) is a decisive component for the design of sustainable mobility. In this context, it is important to go beyond the technical functionality of bicycle parking facilities and design them in such a way that all cyclists are happy to use them at any time of the day or night. Through numerous projects, from small neighborhoods to urban master plans, ARGUS studio/ has gathered extensive knowledge about the concepts and everyday needs of cyclists, which is combined in this guide with specific experience in the architectural implementation of high quality bicycle parking facilities.

Based on existing regulations, this guide also provides concrete information, dimensioning approaches and implementation examples to support all parties involved on the way from conception to realization, always keeping the future users in mind.